Completed Anaesthesia Projects

National Projects

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Drug Allergy Labels in the Elective Surgical population is a three-day study commencing mid-2018 comprising Patient Questionnaire, Anaesthetist Survey and Patient Follow-Up on the day


PEACHY is the study lead by the Paediatric Anaesthetic Trainee Research Network (PATRN) looking into the effect of obesity on perioperative complications in paediatric patients undergoing anaesthesia


A 2 day observational study looking into Intraoperative hypotension in older patients.

Local Projects


  • Survey of Neuromuscular Blockade (NMB) Monitoring and its effect on clinical practice (A. Johnstone)
  • ‘Going Green’ – energy savings associated with computer use in a large teaching hospital (A. Johnstone)
  • Evaluation of the Flextip Bougie when used in conjunction with hyperangulated videolaryngoscopy (E. Waters)
  • Tea-trolley teaching on the Nocebo Effect for the theatre multidisciplinary team (S. Watts)
  • Possible ecological and economical impact of reusable trays in anaesthesia (S. Waite)
  • Paediatric Cancellation Rates and Reioperative Clinical Evaluation (PINAPPLE) (S. Watts)
  • Assessing how information is provided to parents prior to paediatric general anaesthesia in Tayside (L. MacLeod)
  • Quality improvement project to assess current anaesthetic practice for Robotic Assisted Surgical (RAS) procedures for surgical patients. (J. Lockhart)
  • Improving the Surgical Sign In/Sign Out in Neurosurgical Theatres (K. Morrison)
  • Eating and Drinking in Labour Guideline (J. Lockhart)
  • Assessing trainee opinion of Stage 1 & 2 paediatric blocks (E. Gillen)
  • Solo List Clinical Supervision (C. Perman)


  • Airway Management Skills for Medical Students – an assessment of current teaching (A. Ruscitto)
  • Blood Use in Orthopaedic and Vascular Surgery (E. Richardson)
  • Ipad Communication in Intensive Care Unit (S. Cavanagh)
  • Regional Anaesthesia follow up/database (P. Wasik)
  • Electronic Documentation of Obstetric Anaesthesia (E. Richardson/ P. Patterson)
  • Recovery post-DIEP flap reconstruction (R. Ravie )
  • Perioperative Replacement of Exogenous Steroid (PREdS) Audit (P. Wasik)
  • International survey looking at Airway Topicalisation in Paediatrics (ATiP) (P. Wasik)
  • Oral vs IV Analgesia in The Elective Peri-Operative Setting (P. Paterson)
  • Local Anaesthetics in the Surgical High Dependency Unit (L. Broadbent)


  • A human factors approach to sustainability in healthcare: a qualitative case study of Entonox use in obstetrics in a Scottish Hospital (C. Kelly)
  • Implementing a new pre-operative echocardiography guideline for non-cardiac surgery (A. Duff)
  • Prevalence of airway complications and association with aerosol precautions – a prospective, multicentre, service evaluation (A. Ruscitto)
  • Pre-operative Management of Diabetic Patients in Pre-Assessment Clinic (C. Green)
  • Patient Information Leaflet – care after a nerve block (C. Hoy)
  • SNAP 3: Frialty & Delerium
  • Nitrious Oxide Project – Tayside Usage Evaluation (A. Hilmi)
  • Rate of AKIs in patients undergoing hip replacement surgery in trauma theatre (C. Doherty)
  • Twitchview Train of Four Monitor (A. Janeczko)